Advanced * Zoological * Energy

Curious & Reckless & Odd & Weird

A super state-of-the-art  frame of mind with which to explore this Life; not suitable, yet accessible!

As far as organic evolution is concerned, I have in my possession a fine animal body with an astounding audio-visual adaptation mechanism, an immense capacity for compassion, caring & contemplation, with enough energy left over from powering vital existential functions for empathy AND extra-sensory-perception.

Last time I checked, there were billions such beings walking the same planet that I live on…

Well, you know, things could be much better, but they are exactly as they should be…

Tuned-In * Turned-On * Hanging-Ten

I am Alive at the most perfect time: the world’s going to Hell in a shopping trolley; we’re fixated on cash, coitus, conspiracies & the latest craze; no revolutions on the horizon…

The wave has struck and most are trying to make a living, if not a killing, on the web. While common sense has been quarantined and set alongside other not-so-practical traits, we surge with great zeal and massive ignorance into an ignoble future.

Where angels fear to tread and fools swarm in, I’m hanging ten & getting wet in these interesting times…

They say we are born free, but freedom is a state of mind: when was the last time you saw a baby unfettered of karma?

No Boxes * No Nutshells * No Buts

To transmit a Mission Statement that resonates with every fiber of the Mind-Body-Being Continuum I inhabit, would require a holistic communications channel: seeing that such a means of exchanging information is still way beyond most of us, I can simply state:

African-Born Parts;

Digitally Borne; My Art –

Non-Sequential Sense

I could be a kool-kat or an arrogant-prick, but the truth of the matter is that it is not my concern and totally irrelevant to anything which has real value…


The Fall & Rise Of The 23rd Patriarch

Creative Life Force – Unfiltered Soul Expression – Genetic Code Hack – Astral Presence Exports – Biological Maze Viewer

Since I’ve got a multi-purpose tail hanging down the front-side of my body (anterior), I’m more than happy to explore the male perspective of creation energy and if I ever find the proper guidance, will also explore the feminine aspect in artistic detail.

Future series will explore the fusion of both seminal forces and their interaction with the universal stuff of Life.


All aspects of our existence are governed by these 3 themes: the triumvirate of evolutionary mechanisms.

My interpretation of these are based upon my own perception of the cycles of Time, Nature & the World and our interactions with each other on Planet Earth.

No male (or female) is an island, but should we ever be marooned, we’re all just a Black Hole away from getting back Home…

I wonder…. is Sex the a result of Scientific Soul-Searching or the other way round…

Apocalyptic Nomad

Having lived a nomadic lifestyle long before it became a meme, my initial foray into digitally created art explored the juxtaposing elements Eschatology and Immortality.

The Apocalyptic Nomad represents the eternal conflict between our heart’s desire and our need for social conformation, and through that disseminating process, finally find some internal (at times it is fucking infernal) harmony.

From Space-Walkers to Castle-Watchers to Astral-Cyborgs, this series tries to illustrate the audacity of Life and the insanity of some types of perception.

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Hey, I am not around right now, but if you want to konnekt, I'll get back to you once I'm back on the grid.


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