This brief history of A23-Nectar will introduce you, the reader, to the artist during this current timeline.

The artist has some awareness of previous incarnations,and can say with certainty, that he still has an Akashic-Hell to traverse before ultimate redemption.

This current history continues a few years after the last one, in which the artist’s previous incarnation was cruelly cut short at the time of the Vietnam War, when it was drowned off the coast of Tierra Del Fuego.

Even though this sensory overload can be overwhelming, the artist manages to maintain levels of fucked-up-ness well within the average range of other animals on this planet.

A23-Nectar was violently ripped from the womb of a Cretan Immigrant in Port Elizabeth’s General Hospital during the hot summer of ’75, in the Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa.

His earliest recollection was swearing at the doctor who pulled him from the warmth of his post-Akashic existence, and then (the said doctor) had the audacity to give him a slap on the backside.

His favourite childhood memory is one of being attacked by a cat when he tried to suckle at the teat.

In other convincingly mundane aspects of his early childhood, the artist insists that he can recall every aspect of his thought processes at this age.

The artist soon discovered that the concept of family falls way below any level of acceptable expectations set to them, when he was diagnosed with a very high IQ.

This news along with other as-yet-to-be-satisfactorily-explained-events during this period, convinced the young artist that he was destined to save the world from poverty, hunger, thirst and other evils.

To this day the artist’s EQ remains sub-optimal, which causes all sorts of interesting scenarios with other animals.

Along with the myriad of totally mind-numbingly boring things of this time, the artist fancies that during this time he understood that our subconscious machinations are not independent of other members of the species, but irrevocably intertwined like slow-motion quantum-wave explosions.

One should not dwell on the teenage years: the events of this period in one’s life should be taken with a pinch of salt and a massive dose of self-sarcasm.

Any interesting things that the artist has chosen to retrieve from the memory vaults of this age are none of our business.

Not that we give a fuck anyways – been there, done that – let’s move on…

Too much or too little, depending on how you view these things…


Solo Shows

  • Myro Gallery – February 2020

Group Shows

  • “TQAF” – Museum Of Experimental Art, MoMus, Thessaloniki-July 2019
  • “Inside/Outside COVID19” – Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki – June 2020
  • “Nick Kazantzakis Tribute” – Astoria Hotel, Heraklion, Crete – July 2020
  • “Challeneges” – Pili Axiou – Thessaloniki – October 2020
  • Art Number 23 – Virtual Online Show – November 2020
  • Art Number 23 – Athens – March 2021
  • “Code 6” Public Art Show – The Garden Of Sculptures – Thessaloniki Promenade – February 2021
  • Art Box Gallery – Geneva – May 2021
  • Art Box Expo – Zurich – August 2021
  • Helexpo Art Fair – Thessaloniki – November 2021


  • London Biennale Catalogue – 2019
  • Florence Biennale Catalgoue – 2019
  • Whoisart Magazine – Jan. 2020 Feb. 2020 Mar. 2020
  • Polisfree Magazine Interviews – Jun. 2020, Feb. 2021, May 2021

All Life Is Evolutionary.

The Mind-Body-Being-Continuum – the preferred vehicle of Homo sapiens sapiens through this journey of Life – is an exemplary topic for artistic interpretation.

Within these highly mobile bodies we are able to witness, at incredible speeds, the mechanics of the ponderous and laboriously time-intensive procedures of evolution.

We are in a unique position amongst the other denizens of the planet: as the only species that has cognizance of their ability to alter, affect and advance the evolutionary mechanisms at play.

As both artist and fellow genetic variant, it is my task to research, record and review all information pertaining to our evolution.

In our current setting, this information is directly parsed from our common cultural heritage; the meta-evolutionary component for which we are independently (as individuals) and collectively (as communities) responsible and to which – whether we are aware of it or not – we all contribute.

As an element of this  Advanced Zoological Energy species, I am obliged to disseminate and transmit this knowledge and the preferred method of madness with which to do so is from within the Arts.

Finest Regards



To transmit a Mission Statement that resonates with every fiber of the Mind-Body-Being Continuum I inhabit, would require a holistic communications channel: seeing that such a means of exchanging information is still way beyond most of us, I can simply state:

African-Born Parts;

Digitally Borne; My Art –

Non-Sequential Sense


©2022 - 2175 : A23-Nectar : All Right s Reserved


Hey, I am not around right now, but if you want to konnekt, I'll get back to you once I'm back on the grid.


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